Caffe Itri...

...Founded in 1990 by Owner/Chef Greg Spremulli, Caffe’ Itri recently celebrated its' 25th Anniversary.


In 2013 Caffe’ Itri began renovations that features a Beautiful, Intimate Tuscan Style Bar & Dining Room.  Which complements the Relaxed Casual setting of the Outdoor Patio.

Itri... a gracious little town situated in the Lazo Region of Italy. Its territory extends along the Appian Way, the main artery of communication to the south. This delightful town was inhabited by various people, even since prehistoric times; Itri later became part of the Roman Empire.

The Romans left their indelible mark on Itri. It was during the Roman domination that the Appian Way was constructed, thereby making Itri a very important part of the landscape. Because of its important strategic location, Itri played a major role during the period of the Roman Empire.

Itri Castle

Itri Castle

Despite the fact that Itri enjoyed a prominent strategic position as a line of communication to the south, it was only after the medieval period that its population grew to any significant size. Its strong urban explosion took place around the now famous “Castle of Itri” and the primitive tower. The “Medieval Center” also called “Terra” was then surrounded by a strong wall, dotted by towers and gates for defensive purposes.

Today, Itri is an extensive urban development, extending from the town of Fondi to the town of Sperlongo. Itri is located approximately ninety miles south of Rome and some fifty-five miles north of Naples. It borders with Fondi and Campodimele to its north, Formia and Gaeta to its east and Sperlongano to its west. Itri is also located less than one mile to the south of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

During the summer months, the population of Itri increases as its native sons and daughters return from their adopted foreign countries to their birthplace. While many have speculated on the origin of its name, it appears that Itri is a derivative of the Latin word Iter - which means road, passage or street. An ancient Roman inscription on its wall supports this theory. 


At the turn of the century and subsequent years, a mass immigration from Itri to America took place. These early immigrants, among them my grandparents, settled in the Knightsville area of Cranston, Rhode Island.

As proprietor of Caffé Itri, I am a second generation Itrani who grew up in this long Italian-American tradition. My passion for southern Italian cuisine was nurtured within my family’s kitchen and is proudly being presented to you.

Buon Appetito!

Greg Spremulli